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Karen Adam
Karen Adam

Karen Adam is the owner of KID-FIT Zone which proudly offers KID-FIT Physical Education Classes to Preschoolers in Montgomery County MD, Northern VA, and Northern Washington D.C. Karen is passionate about the KID-FIT program and loves teaching children.

Having spent several years as a Preschool and Kindergarten P.E. teacher she saw the need for a fitness and nutrition curriculum for young children. She found children had an increasingly difficult time balancing, jumping and running without getting out of breath. They were out of shape at the age of 4. Out of concern for these children Karen went looking for a program to help them.. and she found it with KID-FIT!

“As a teacher I love that the KID-FIT curriculum includes academics and nutrition information as well as gross motor skills, spatial relationships and relaxation skills. Parents are also given information on health and nutrition which supports what is taught in class - materials other programs do not offer. While teaching the KID-Fit class I have seen children strengthen their muscles and grow more physically fit in a short period of time. It is amazing and inspirational. Kids love KID-FIT and parents love seeing their children get so much out of the program.”

Karen's Healthy Tips

Karen’s goal is to teach children and parents the importance of how to take care of their bodies by:

  • Exercising 60 minutes everyday
  • Planning healthy meals that include whole fruits and vegetables daily
  • Learning how to rest without electronics
  • “I am thrilled to have a chance to make a difference in children’s lives with the KID-FIT program.”

    Karen is a member of the MDNAYEC. Certified in First Aid / CPR.